Why Panama to incorporate a company and not another country in America or the Caribbean? After extensive research work, we have come to the conclusion that Panama is the country that offers the most convenience to European businessmen; for all the facilities it offers not only for foreign investors, but also for all the preferences that favor the European businessman, based on agreements, contracts and agreements signed between the highest representations of both regions. 

Recognized as an excellent instrument for tax planning, Panamanian corporations are widely known and used throughout the world because they offer many tax benefits, especially when used as corporations or offshore companies or IBC's, as they are called in other jurisdictions. taking into account, in addition, that the Republic of Panama is considered a tax haven. Panamanian companies are easy to run and manage while offering versatility and security. Law 32 of 1927, on corporations of the Republic of Panama applies equally to corporations that conduct local business, that is, within the Republic of Panama, and to corporations whose activity is considered offshore, as they are known. Panamanian companies are also commonly used as the perfect asset protection instrument because they can serve as a holding company or they can own or own all kinds of assets. 

A great advantage that our Law offers Panamanian offshore companies is the possibility of developing activities that are not taxed in Panama, since Panama uses a tax system based on the principle of territoriality. 

In this way, Panamanian companies serve merchants, investors and foreign companies to achieve savings in the payment of taxes. An offshore corporation will be able to open bank accounts and own assets abroad without having to pay taxes in Panama for keeping these assets in their name.