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In the era of digital transformation, the advantages that events can provide to your company are immense. Still do not know these benefits ?. At a time when content is king, with the high traffic generated by creating quality content on the web, how important the CEO is today and the metrics in social networks, which explode with information, events are an important focus of content generation. In order to develop the international relations of companies, internationalize products and services and find partners, business opportunities and investment, Moralmeli is in charge of organizing activities and meetings between entrepreneurs. Remember that the customer is not going to look for you. The growth of your commercial activity depends on you and Moralmeli provides you with a range of tools to achieve that which you have always wanted so much ... The success of your company. 


A business round is a meeting with other businessmen, professionals, or different State actors, with the aim of presenting their products and / or services, or generating a new product in common, merging the production chains.

 It is an opportunity where a group of actors meet on the same day and place to hold meetings. During a business round you can generate commercial alliances, get new buyers to your commercial offer or obtain new suppliers.


The "sectoral meetings" are occasions for meetings of representatives of public administrations with competences in a specific matter, researchers, experts, agents and other representatives of civil society.   


Moralmeli has vast experience in organizing seminars and conferences, as well as in sectoral meetings, congresses. and business meetings. 


A trade fair is an event, generally held once a year, that is sponsored by a trade association for a specific industry. Almost every industry has some form of trade show, and there are thousands that occur each year. Most trade shows are not open to the general public, and are specifically for representatives of specific industry companies or members of the press. 

There are a number of sources to discover about trade shows in your industry or area, such as The Trade Show Network or Trade Show News. Trade shows are planned well in advance, and if there is one in the next year, either group will be aware of them and will be able to give you dates and locations. Trade show displays have long been a great way to find new customers and grow your business. Decision makers often attend trade shows, yet most respondents have said they were never called by a salesperson before attending a trade show. 

Additionally, trade shows can be an inexpensive way to generate new customers and sales. Trade shows remain incredibly popular as well, with thousands around the world each year. Part of the draw is locations, with large trade shows usually in vacation spots like Las Vegas and Orlando. 

In short, a trade show is a great way to gain more recognition within an industry, and a profitable means of attracting new customers. Try to focus on trade shows that closely align with your own business, and those that have a large number of popular exhibitors for the best results.