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This area is in charge of providing personalized assistance and consulting to our represented companies or others interested in our services, regarding legal, fiscal, commercial, labor and general matters of the area; either to European entrepreneurs interested in negotiating or investing in Latin America or to Latin companies interested in investing or negotiating in Europe. 

Carry out general or specific market studies, feasibility studies. It also provides legal advice or personalized assistance to companies interested in participating in international events, congresses, specialized or general trade fairs; conduct market research and studies; general or specific market studies, market research; organization of trade missions or attention to individual entrepreneurs who wish to hold business meetings and / or visits according to their interest; on which trade agreements with Chambers of Commerce, foreign trade institutes, export promotion center, investment promotion center and other national and international organizations in charge of foreign trade, investment and international economic cooperation will flow beneficially. 


It is in charge of collaborating with entrepreneurs to provide them with the search service for new markets in the continental and / or intercontinental area, internationalization of their products or services, as well as their companies, through a wide partner search network, the Which includes first level companies of commercialization of various products in general from Europe and Latin America. 

In the same way, it is responsible for the organization and launch of commercial events, namely: sector meetings, business rounds, participation in international fairs and events, seminars, conferences, etc. 

It facilitates the outsourcing of spaces for exhibitors at international trade events, as well as other facilities to guarantee interview and visit programs for non-exhibiting individual entrepreneurs; as well as collaboration and personalized assistance to accompany meetings, changes in visa categories, translation, assistance in current legislation on foreign trade and processing to represent companies abroad.


It deals with providing representation services in Latin America to European companies interested in marketing in this area, considerably lowering the expenses that it would incur when establishing itself, in addition to facilitating contact management with new clients and future commercializations without change the representation costs per 6-month period, carrying out a strong phase of continuity and follow-up. 

Similarly, we provide assistance and consulting in commercial matters for our clients, required immigration documents, representative offices in Panama, Colombia, Mexico and Havana for the Latin American area and in Italy for the European area. 

In the same way, this service is very attractive, as it seeks to find new potential clients for its represented companies and increase the intercontinental commercialization or investment indexes.