In April 2018, after almost a year of commercial relations, Curinde invited Ms. Yaimé Morales, General Manager of Moralmeli to Curaçao to carry out a comprehensive plan of bilateral meetings, on which occasion a letter of intent was signed. between both parties that has the objective of organizing trade missions and small and medium businessmen to make purchases in the Curaçao Free Zone. On this occasion, the Moralmeli Representative was attended by officials from Curinde, from the Ministry of Economy and Development, Ms. Vanessa G. Toré, Director of the International Economic Cooperation Division, Curaçao Cup, General Customs Directorate of Curaçao, Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Asociación de Empresarios de Zona Libre, CPost, and several potential entrepreneurs in the region. 


Moralmeli and Di Marco International - Al Invest UE 

Di Marco International is an Italian consulting, coordinating and managing entity for the promotion and development of intercontinental economic cooperation. 

Promoter of the commercial exchange of European entities abroad, who for almost more than 15 years has worked together with Moralmeli in the organization and attention of exploratory missions with European entities interested in the Latin American market and in their investment possibilities in Cuba. 

Our main clients have been producer and / or industrial entrepreneurs who we assist with a continuity and follow-up program for the commercialization of their products and the identification of potential partners in cooperated productions, possibilities of joint ventures and other types of mixed economic associations.


Curinde is the state entity that offers professional support and quality facilities to companies interested in operating in the Economic Free Zone of the Curaçao Airport or in the Economic Free Zone of the Port of Curaçao or in the Brievengat Industrial Park, who are also in charge that Curaçao is the main logistics center for business success in the Caribbean. 

In May 2018, Mrs. Yaimé Morales, General Manager of Moralmeli Business Opportunities and Mr. Wilberto Santos, Owner and Representative of the Santos Group, led the First Group of Cuban Entrepreneurs to Curaçao, Capital of the Netherlands Antilles, invited by the entity state Curinde (Curacao Industrial and International Trade Development Company NV), on which occasion the Dutch institution proposed to Panamanian representatives the opening of a representation of Grupo Santos in the Curaçao Free Zone, in coordination with Moralmeli, to deal with all logistics of the groups of Cuban businessmen who travel to Curaçao to make purchases to triangulate through Panama their cargoes to their final destination: Cuba.